Scottish Funding Council Launches the Alliances for Research Challenges

On 23 October 2023, we took part in the official Scottish Funding Council’s launch of the Alliances for Research Challenges at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. With our Alliance Director presenting evidence to a Westminster enquiry same day, Dr Faye Wade, our Sustainable Households theme co-lead, presented the vision for our Alliance, saying: “Reality is … Read more

Science and Scotland: Westminster Solicits Alliance Viewpoint on Scottish Research

At a recent cross-party hearing before the Scottish Affairs Committee in Westminster, eight Members of Parliament were keen to hear from Alliance Director Dr Mette High on the opportunities and challenges faced by researchers in Scotland. Representing the Scottish Funding Council-funded Alliances for Research Challenges (ARCs), she explained that the Alliances are new and dynamic … Read more

Launching the Scottish Research Alliance for Energy, Homes and Livelihoods: an event summary

On 10 October 2023, we held our official launch for the Alliance at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. This gathering brought together Alliance partners and key external stakeholders for focused discussions centred around the three Alliance themes – Sustainable Households, Decarbonising Heat, and Financial Pathways to Net Zero. There were over 50 attendees representing various … Read more