Dr Jen Dickie

Decarbonising Heat Theme Lead

Jen is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geography at the University of Stirling, specialising in Energy Geographies. She is an interdisciplinary researcher and trained environmental scientist whose work focuses on understanding the complex socio-environmental and socio-technical interactions of the energy landscape.

Participatory and creative approaches are playing an increasingly important role in her research, which broadly focuses on energy access and vulnerability, public perceptions and reactions to surface and subsurface energy technologies, sustainable housing and behaviours, and a just transition to a low carbon economy. Recent projects have focused on minewater geothermal, biogas, shale gas, and, more recently, carbon capture and storage. She specialises in using geospatial data and mixed-method approaches in her research, including participatory mapping, big data analyses, and mobile and social data collection techniques to explore the complex relationships among climate change, energy, and sustainability.