Our Alliance

The Scottish Research Alliance for Energy, Homes and Livelihoods is a broad and diverse research community for scholars across disciplines and institutions, industry, business, government and local communities. Operating with an ethos of inclusive collaboration, we work to ensure that information- and expertise-sharing happen between different stakeholders so we don’t have silos of knowledge and expertise.

We organise events, workshops and residentials that can offer training, build expertise and expand networks for our stakeholders.

We facilitate multi-institutional collaborations and provide seed funding for cross-sectoral research projects on relevant topics.

We strengthen our stakeholders’ capacity for engaging with and contributing to policy-making at local and national levels in Scotland.

In all our activities, we are particularly dedicated to early career researchers, supporting their capacity building and growing their network for interdisciplinary, collaborative research. By driving leadership for cross-sector interdisciplinary research, the Alliance is committed to helping create an equitable transition to a net zero future in Scotland.

Alliance Activities

We have plans for a comprehensive programme of initiatives that bring together the arts, humanities, engineering, social and natural sciences, including…

  • Workshops – speculative fiction, industry incubator, innovation
  • Networking and capacity-building events
  • Training opportunities for Early Career Researchers
  • Grant funding expos
  • Public engagement
  • Hybrid and in-person conferences